20% Off via Amazon – Planters Deluxe Pistachio Mix

Today Amazon is offering many of their Planters nut offerings with an extra 20% coupon that can be clipped directly on the product page. Our favorite among the available options is the Deluxe Pistachio Mix.

If you’ve ever bought pistachios you know they’re an expensive nut, and although this mix isn’t packed with a large percentage of pistachios, it’s still one of the cheapest ways to include them in your diet.

This canister is 18.25 ounces (over a pound), and includes cashews and almonds to go along with the pistachios. Most nut mixes will include peanuts which are the cheapest available filler so it’s an extra bonus that this mix doesn’t have them.

An extra 5%-15% off is available via “Subscribe and Save”. Click below to be taken to the product page…

Planters Deluxe Pistachio Mix

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